Back to School?

Back to School?

With back to school season here you’re likely wondering how you can keep your kids healthy, sleeping right, and not emotionally overwhelmed right??

Yah, me too.

As a child psychologist I’m always on the hunt for products and practices that are going to help my kids the most in their emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. I have found that alongside good sleep habits, daily physical movement, and connection time with loving caretakers that good nutrition and supplements are key in keeping their little bodies and minds at their best.

Kids’ nutritional research shows that they need consistent sources of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to eat every 3 hours–just like when they were babies! So that means I’m packing lunches that reflect that balance, as well as Chomps (for protein), all-natural fruit bars (for carbohydrates) and nuts (for their healthy fat) in their backpacks for daytime snacks as well. And WOW! It really makes a difference in their strength, energy, and focus during the school day.

But I still feel like we were missing a key piece: mental health support.

In doing my research I found 3 key things that help the most for mental and emotional resiliency:

Holy Basil: Supports stress regulation*

Helps provide calm to body and mind*

Supports the body’s healthy inflammatory response*

Supports resilience to anxious feelings*

Saffron: Help normalize serotonin and dopamine activity — the “feel good” neurotransmitters*

Aids in reducing cellular damage*

Promotes healthy stress response by supporting healthy cortisol levels*

Rosemary: Supports mental focus*

Helps ease muscle discomfort*

Supports the immune system*

Now I don’t know about you but my kids aren’t usually dumping on the Saffron with their dinner (LOL) so I was on the hunt for a simple way for them to get these everyday… and that’s when I found

Kids Mood+ from Amare!


It has each of these ingredients in a formula that's all-natural/vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, soy and dairy free, sugar free and has no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners! It’s clinically proven to promote stress resilience and positivity by supporting healthy cortisol (stress hormone) levels, providing calm to the body and brain, helps normalize serotonin (happy hormone) and dopamine (motivation hormone) activity, supports mental focus, AND supports the immune system!

Oh and it tastes delicious so my kids love it! Hallelujah!

If you’re in the same boat and looking to get natural support for your kids' mood and mental wellness then I have some amazing news! This product (and all the Amare products minus Happy Juice) are on a 20% off SALE right now for new customer orders over $130 USD through August 17th at 11:59 pm MT! And I have some insider’s tips for you:

Amare heavily discounts their products the more you get–some items up to 50% off when added to a bundle like Happy Juice (comprehensive adult mental wellness products) or the Triangle of Health (liquid micronutrients that boosts your body’s ability to manage inflammation). So….

If you want to leverage the bundles Amare creates, then the Kids Pack (Kids Mood, Kids Fundamentals, Multivitamin) or Kids Pack Plus (which includes 2 Kids Mood+)  is a great deal!


OR if you want to do the kids daily “mock-tail” that I have my own kiddos consume here’s the breakdown:

I combine

1-the Amare products: Kids Mood+, Kids Fundamentals, Sunrise

 click their name to learn about each one and why it could be a help to your kiddos! Or shop all 3 together here 

2- MixHers MixKids: which is 15% off right now with code NEENA

(optional) 3- MixHers HerTime (female hormone support for your tweens/teens)

OR of course you can email me at or DM me through instagram @allthingsneena with the subject line “BUNDLE” and I’ll provide free health consulting regarding the best products for your kids and you… AND a specialized shopping cart with up to 50% off added items! Happy to help and would love to save you money!

If you want to do your own shopping, you can go HERE to take a look at the shop, add items to cart, enter the code AMARE0823 at checkout to activate the discount AND you’ll get my $10 off referral discount along with it. 

We LOVE these products and are a daily staple in our house. Friend to friend I would recommend them for quality and effectiveness.

OH and if you’re looking for support with kids sleep STAY TUNED! A special product launch is happening this month to help! PLUS you’ll get an added kids meditation I recorded for them to practice progressive relaxation as they fall asleep as well– it’s going to all work as an amazing help for them AND YOU.

What about you? What have you implemented that helps your kids with their best focus, health and mental health? Especially during the school year… I’d love to hear!