Love In Progress

The Love in Progress podcast is LIVE!

🎉🎙️ Today is the Day! Introducing: "Love in Progress: Self Healing for Your Best Relationships and Leadership Impact" podcast!"

Join me on a transformative podcast journey as we dive into inner healing as the catalyst for better relationships and leadership impact —ignited, effective connection from the inside out! 😌✨


In this podcast, you’ll discover how embracing self-reflection, self-mastery, and self-grace can pave the way to a purposeful, joyful life filled with meaningful connections. I'm thrilled to share insights, stories, and actionable steps to empower your journey towards your best life. 😍

Today, we embark on this incredible ride together and I couldn’t be more amped for it because this podcast is my head and my heart message in easy, ready-to-apply form—it’s bomb. I can’t wait for you to get access to it! Especially on this 8/8 portal, which is all-around abundance. I want an abundant life for you—filled with joy, peace, and connection—and I know this podcast will help! 🎧

So how do you listen??

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⭐️GIVEAWAY: If you download all live episodes, leave a 5-star review, and post to your social media about the podcast launch tagging @allthingsneena on Instagram then I’ll choose one of you to receive a **product goody box filled with my favorite haircare and wellness products** next week as a “thank you”! Just drop a DONE on the podcast launch post on Instagram when you’ve done all the steps!

Let's unlock your potential and create waves of positive change! 🌊🎙️ Here we grow!! 🌱

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